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Local number Service

A landline local number is a regular phone number that you can divert to a mobile number or fixed line. It will save big cost.


Launch your business in a new market with a virtual phone number from Telink. Virtual numbers give you the power to set up communications outside of your geographical location. Our cloud phone system makes it easy to create a business presence that your customers will instantly recognize. Our virtual phone numbers can re-direct calls to any business or mobile phone, forwarding calls to your office or a chosen individual.

1800 numbers are ten-digit business numbers that callers can reach for free using any Australian fixed landline or mobile number—which is why they’re also known as free call or toll-free numbers. An 1800 number can serve as a unified point of contact for your business, giving it a professional presence even outside your local area.

Link Plan


380 mins

Premium Plan


760 mins

Mega Plan


1250 mins

Standard Plan


240 mins

Starter Plan


110 mins

Local number



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