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Prison calling service

Talk more for less and enjoy connecting with your loved one,
without the burden of excessive phone charges.

you can save a lot of money if your inmate calls a local number instead of long distance or mobile calling.

We give you a standard fixed line phone number that can receive calls from your loved one’s prison at local rates.

When inmate calls your landline number, we call your mobile over the standard mobile phone network. 

Prison calling Australia - Telink AU Best Price! Best Quality!

Prison calling

Standard Plan


360 mins

Prison calling

Premium Plan


660 mins

Best Value

Prison calling

Mega Plan


1150 mins

Number charge weekly $1.50 *

Prepaid plan

8.3 c per min

Number charge weekly $1 *

Prepaid plan - balance never expires.

7.6 c per min

Number charge weekly $1 *

Prepaid plan - balance never expires.

6.9 c per min

Prison calling

Starter Plan


115 mins

Prison calling

Eco Plan


235 mins

Prison calling

Heavy user Plan


2110 mins

Number charge weekly $2 *

Prepaid plan setup fee $5

8.7 c per min

Number charge weekly $1.50 *

Prepaid plan - balance never expires.

8.5 c per min

Number charge weekly $2 *

Prepaid plan - balance never expires.

5.9 c per min

* Prison calling service is a prepaid service. Not monthly. Remain balance carry over next month. If you use all of your minutes, you must top up.

If you do not top up within 2 month or balance is zero for more than 3 weeks, your account will be cancelled without notice.

The Prison Calling Plan is from prison calling only. 

Balance is not refundable. 

Local number weekly charge($1, $1.50) is Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, Darwin, Hobart Adelaide only. Other area price is $2.

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Below Correctional Centre Prison calling service works fine.

Brisbane correctional centre
Maryborough Correctional Centre
Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre
Townsville Women's Correctional Centre

Capricornia Correctional Centre
Rockhampton Correctional Centre

Borallon training Correctional Centre(Ironbark QLD number)
Lotus Glen Correctional Centre
Woodford correctional centre


Metropolitan remand centre

(Ravenhall VIC number)
Marngoneet Correctional Centre

(Lara VIC number)

HM Prison Barwon

(Lara VIC number)
Loddon Prison Precinct

Fulham Correctional Centre

(Sale VIC number)

Dhurringile Prison(Murchison VIC number)

Port Phillip Prison

Silverwater correctional complex

Nowra Jail

Long Bay hospital correctional centre
Cessnock Correctional Centre

Clarence Correctional Centre

(Grafton NSW number)

Mid North Coast Correctional Centre

(Kempsey NSW number)
St Helliers Correctional Centre

John Morony Correctional Complex(Windsor NSW number)

Parklea correctional centre

South Coast Correctional Centre(Nowra NSW number)

Macquarie correctional centre
Shortland correctional centre
Wellington Correctional Centre 

Geoffrey Pearce Correctional Centre

​Emu plains correctional facility


Adelaide Pre-release Centre
Adelaide Remand Centre
Adelaide Women's Prison

Yatala Labour Prison

Cadell Training Centre

Risdon prison (Hobart  TAS number)

Hobart Reception Centre

How It Works - Cheap Phone Calls

Sign up for an engine number to the prison.

When the inmate calls you using the local phone number, the call will automatically be routed to your existing home or cell phone. The cost of the call charged by the prison will be reduced to the lower local rate instead of the high, long-distance rate.

Your home or cell phone number will not change.

Give the inmate the new phone number. 

The inmate will be required to add the new number to their list of approved numbers. Correctional centre staff will call the local number, forwarding to you, for verification.

Ensure that the inmate has funds available on his/her phone card. 

When the inmate calls you directly on the local number, the inmate will be charged the local rate, deducted from their phone card. 

Once the number is approved by the Correctional centre and the number is added to their approved call list, start talking for less! 

If you want prison 1800 service(inmate free access), contact support team please.

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